• Night Pumping

    Night Pumping

    Breast pumping is an art, for some it comes easy while for others it is difficult. Lessons and practice bring about the skills for success. Night pumping can present even more challenges. Why pump at night? There are numerous reasons why moms choose to pump at night. Some pump to boost or maintain their milk supply while others with little ones, who sleep more...
  • Maximizing Newborn Sleep

    Maximizing Newborn Sleep

    Sleep is a hot topic these days, especially for those of us who aren’t getting any! New babies in the first few months of life are particularly notorious for frequent night wakings and 3am “witching hours.” It is biologically normal for infants to wake at night throughout the first year (at least), and still, sleep deprivation is a very real struggle for so many...
  • Does Breastfeeding Prevent Food Allergies?

    Does Breastfeeding Prevent Food Allergies?

    March is National Nutrition Month, and breastmilk provides a wealth of nutritional, immunity, and bonding benefits for mother and child. One common question that parents ask, though, is whether breastfeeding can prevent babies from developing food allergies. Breastmilk contains food proteins, so if you consume allergenic foods while breastfeeding, your baby will get some exposure to allergens.  But does breastfeeding prevent food allergies on...
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