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Nanobébé's starter set is the perfect introduction to our range of exclusive essentials: Breastmilk Bottles to help preserve breastmilk nutrients during storage and warming, the Nanobébé nonelectrical Warming Bowl for quick and even warming of breast milk, as well as Nanobébé Flexy Pacifiers.
• Breastmilk Bottles- designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients
• Breastmilk Bottle Warming Bowl – unique geometry of bottle and bowl enables quick and even warming
• Silicone Nipples – advanced venting system designed to reduce colic
• Flexy Pacifiers – One-piece silicone construction adheres to the American Academy of Pediatrics' guidelines for newborns
• Breast Pump Adapters – connect to most standard breast pumps, including Medela and Ameda


What’s in the box:
1 x warming bowl
4 x 5oz/150ml breastmilk bottles
4 x slow flow silicone nipples
4 x travel covers
4 x storage caps
2 x breast pump adapters
2 x 0-3m flexy pacifiers

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Starter Set
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